Digital Capital Raising Platforms: The 'under the radar' Investment Opportunity worth Billions

Discover everything you need to know about Digital Capital Raising Platforms (DCRPs) and how they unlock billions in untapped yearly potential from Secondary Raisings.


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Secondary offerings are the most popular form of capital raising on the Australian Securities Exchange

With investors pouring more than A$60 billion into the secondary market in 2021 alone.

But they have a huge problem...

Because of various regulatory barriers, the average sophisticated investor only gets access to a minuscule portion of all the secondary raising opportunities on the ASX.

This is a lose-lose for both investors and companies.

Investors miss out on opportunities while companies are unable to access all the funds that might otherwise be available to them.

That's where Digital Capital Raising Platforms (DCRPs) come in.

They’re a new type of platform that connects sophisticated investors on the lookout for opportunities with issuers and brokers seeking wider sources of capital. But to fully take advantage of the opportunity that DCRPs provide, there are a few important things you must first understand, which we cover in detail in our whitepaper titled:

“Digital Capital Raising Platforms – The sophisticated investor’s gateway to a world of secondary capital raisings on the ASX”.

What you'll learn in this white paper: